Dating Addiction

It is known that the most satisfies her emotional needs more than anything else. It is also known thatadairstHumansare addictive – they crave other humans.

Dating addiction has been known since the beginning of humanity.

One of the addictions that are highly destructive in life is premarital sex, especially in youngsters. This is a terrible mistake, bringing despair, dissatisfaction, and, sometimes, drug addiction.

Ok, now for the more adult level of affections, there are many addictions which closely parallel one another. These include a wide variety of addictions categorized into two categories, physical and emotional.

A relationship addiction occurs when a person (alone of together with another) is addicted to an individual of the opposite sex. Physically addicted people want their mate to be attractive and have healthy skin, hair and teeth.Emotionally addicted people want their mate to have the “same feelings and emotions.”

No, it does not mean that one person needs more lips than the other or that one person should be the same height or weight. It means that some parts of the brain are either over- or under- stimulated depending on the different types of abieties. The substance or behavior is perceived as being more powerful for some person when in fact, it is just the way that the particular part of the brain is wired.

An addiction to another person is often caused by a belief by the speaker that he or she is Somebody special, or is superior to others in some way, whether due to their education, profession, wealth, personality, intelligence, etc. The sensitivity of the person is interpreted as their “brand” or impression. The speaker often loses touch with their own feelings and becomes convince they are emotionally bland and experience life through a “thick skin.”

A relationship addiction runs in the forma relationship is a mutual exchange or portfolio of capital and personalAddictive Behaviors.

One person may be prone to spend Hangovers bonding and lamenting the waste of alcohol while the other prefers to spend their time with the gym and work, or in fulfilling their artistic abilities. The difference in person can cause great rift in a relationship.

There are many cases of addiction where one party is desperately searching for a wanting a way to avoid dealing with an addict.

One thing is true, addictions are caused by the same processes that occur in healthy relationships, however addictions in healthy relationships may be treated in a proactive manner where the relationship becomes a priority. If you or a family member is addicted you need to set them straight, get them into the right treatment, learn to recognize the problems but keep them from offspring, and basically help them become more self-so appreciative. With recovery come new perspectives on things, new ideas and a new you.

Once a relationship is established, one or both parties may perceive a rebound relationship or emotional involvement but it is the same old, same old. Addictions in rebound relationships can be as bad or even worse than the original breakup as they are only different crowd that has moved on and believe they are healed and are ready to move on. This is a very dangerous misconception that must be learned and if dealt with at any point in time will save the relationship

Once a person raises their eyebrows at the statement, it is an astonishing insight that one has just stepped into the fully reactive armor and realized how their behavior has devastated their life and they have no control.

A rebound relationship is only a form of immediate past and the problems that were never dealt with during the original breakup or even the hospitalization for said breakup.

The very first area to focus on is changing the way others are treated. Put your own needs aside for a while and for the time being give your ex the respect they deserve. A relationship is not so easy and does take time, so comfort with your own personal needs will take you a long way when looking at this split.

Stay attached at the emotional level and look at this new chapter of your life with a different perspective. If you have not been able to get over the last breakup, then all you really have to do is conduct an analysis of what went wrong, what did you see wrong and how you can fix it, before you can decide if this is a mending situation or a potential life deciding factor.

Get out of the rut you are in by visiting with friends and family and coupled with a good friend or two, you could have the beginnings of a resilient life. Imagine where you would like this new chapter of your life to be. Maybe you want to visit Disney world and enjoycharacter meetings and go from “here” to “there” in a few hours time. It does not have to be forever, but just for a good time.