Gays! Dating and Making It Easier

It wasn’t that long ago that the issue of whether or not being gay would stigma a person. Gays and lesbians felt that they were second class citizens and that the closet was a surefire way of remaining hidden. But as more and more Hollywood Celebrities coming out positively in support of gay rights, the reveling of lifestyles and partnerships in the movie and talk shows, coupled with the changing attitudes towards gay issues by politicians, the conversation has become more openly sexual. Single gay males and females are becoming a staple in the social society, and explaining why they feel it is important to reveal their sexual preference to the world at large.

While some may have chosen to come out of the closet for purely selfish reasons, such as self gain, others come out of the closet because they feel that they have a personal stake in being recognized as a gay male or a female. They believe that the more people know about their sexuality, the more justifiable it will be for them to share theirSexual orientation. These individuals would rather choose to be more visible in everyday life, and are happy to take on the label ‘gay’ in an effort to further their talent in the arts, in literature, fashion and music.

It is important for those who are considering ‘coming out of the closet’ to realize that there are many other people in the world that also have sexual preferences that are different from the ones they possess. While there is a small percentage of people that are determined to live their lives as closeted gays, most others are simply looking for a more fulfilled and happy life, without giving much thought on the possible reactions of others.

While being closeted may make a person feel as though their would be subject to unbearable bullying and abuse were it to become common, it also has advantages for those that are outwardly candid. Many job applicants that would prefer to fill out their forms with a gay employee label would find the machines and databases used by most companies discriminate against them should they choose to opt to use the name instead of their legal name. And with so many gay people looking for relationships, it makes sense for them to seek out the opposite sex as well.

And as more and more gay couples get married or choose to live together, and their relationships and issues get dramatized through TV shows and movies, it doesn’t make sense to dismiss the idea out of hand. What happens is that the only people who will feel hurt and lied to are the ones that are closeted, but what really happens is that two individuals learn more about the ‘real’ them by putting each other’s opinions over their own.

If a person is willing to be open about their sexual preferences, they will be open also for everyone to see. And this empowers them, after all. So if a person is single and actively seeking a relationship, then they should go out to meet someone to date and hopefully fall in love with. It’s not something to be ashamed of, and to try to hide from the world, as it could have detrimental effects in the long run.

Being HIV positive is one of the greatest heels in the dating world, and even more so when it comes to matters of the heart. But just as it affects each one of us, it also affects the way each thinks and looks at other people. It also affects how they react to the stares that they receive from non HIV individuals, and how they respond to the ‘sexy’ looks that other men and women give them. It also affects the way they live their lives.

Everyone has the possibility to be HIV negative, and to live their lives with it. It is a very sad fact of life that they have to live with, and many people are not aware of the facts of their lives. They are living as others before their HIV was taking hold, and by the time they realize the responsibility they have, it is too late to go back. This can cause depression and hopelessness, and if left ignored, can lead to suicide.

HIV positive individuals have to deal with situations that other people cannot understand. It is a gentle reminder, that life is hard, and very few have it so good. No matter who you are, every individual is different, and has a unique set of skills, morals and abilities. While it is true that no two individuals are the same, as they all share similar traits, the point still stands that life is not always fair.

While it may seem as though you have little to no control over your life with HIV; it is equally as difficult to actually overcome the infection, if the right effort is put forth. After all you have no control over the spread of the virus, or its cousin HIV, as it is passed on from one individual to another. The only one you can control is yourself.

If you are the type of person that has little tendency to fall into